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Dedicated Development Center

One of Auriga’s main skills is building dedicated engineering teams and competence centers for software development, maintenance, and/or testing. We have performed this service, which we call DDC, since 1990. Since then, we have created multiple teams for our clients that work on software products and solutions ranging from operating systems and medical devices to internal banking systems and mobile and online services—see Sample DDCs for some examples. You can also read more about why our customers choose us.

We offer three service levels:

  • Simple staff augmentation. At this level, Auriga provides skilled engineers according to the client’s requirements. The task of people and project management is left to the client.
  • Basic DDC. At this level, Auriga provides the team and performs people management. However, the process used by the team is entirely defined and controlled by the client.
  • Advanced DDC. At this level, in addition to the Basic DDC service, Auriga also works on defining and controlling the process used by the team.
We believe that the following aspects are important for building a successful dedicated team:
  • Technical competence. Obviously, the skills of the team members affect the success of the project. Auriga has rich expertise and is capable of building teams skilled in a number of areas. 
  • Ability to organize communications. Joint work on developing new software or handling end-user requests requires a great deal of communication.
  • Similar work ethics and a sense of ownership on the part of the dedicated team members for the code they create. Software development and maintenance cannot be reduced to following instructions and fulfilling formal contract terms. Involvement, dedication, and imagination are required to create a great product.

We have also identified the best working approach to starting the engagement—Ramp-Up Approach.

Auriga has built development teams for small and large clients for over 20 years. What does that mean?

What does that mean for you? You’ll not be disappointed.

Contact us today to see how we can help to do more with your software R&D and maintenance budgets by creating a DDC for you.

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