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staff augmentation

A dedicated team at the Staff Augmentation level assumes that:

  • Auriga provides individual specialists to the client according to the skillset definition.
  • Auriga is paid for the time each specialist is assigned to the client’s account on a monthly basis.
  • Auriga is responsible for tracking and reporting the time the specialist is assigned to the client.
  • The client completely controls the work done by the assigned specialists.
  • The hiring/substitution process is fully visible to the client. The client may make hiring/firing decisions for individual team members.
  • Auriga does not perform project management. If you require an increased level of engineering process and project results responsibility, consider using Basic DDC or Advanced DDC model.

For each dedicated team, Auriga also assigns a part-time account manager who provides reports about the team operation to the client and communicates with the client regarding all business-related issues: contracts, invoices, terminating and opening positions.

Auriga has proved its capability of finding skilled specialists in many technology- and business-related areas, including the following:

And don’t forget—you not only get access to a new pool of skilled professionals and their expertise in technology and people management; you also save money by building a remote engineering team with Auriga.

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