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Facts and Milestones : 1995-1997


  • Auriga launched the first projects for SCO, Inc.:
    • Embedded Configuration Toolkit—makes it possible to configure sophisticated operating environments for distributed data processing applications utilizing a client-server model. The toolkit provides system and application software for client and server systems that are linked into multi-level LAN and WAN network hierarchies.
    • Participation in the escalation of SCO UnixWare products (UnixWare 7.0.0 Update 1, UnixWare 2.1.3).
  • Auriga established its Internet presence by launching the company's first web site at


  • Comtek 96 Show Participation. Promotion of Alpha 21164 VME-board and software.
  • Auriga launched the first projects for Auriga's major customer Lynx RTS, Inc. (In 2000, renamed LynuxWorks, Inc.):
    • Port of LynxOS to the Motorola MPC860 ADS evaluation board. LynxOS is a UNIX-compatible, POSIX-conformant, multiprocess and multithreaded operating system designed for real-time applications requiring fast, deterministic responses.
    • LynxOS Bug Fixing and Consulting.


  • Auriga's Headquarters moved to Amherst, NH, USA.
  • Auriga launched the first projects for Interleaf, Inc. (In 2000, Interleaf, Inc. became a Division of BroadVision, Inc.):
    • Development and implementation of file format converters for most popular word processors and desktop publishing systems such as MS Word, WordPerfect, Interleaf, FrameMaker and major graphic file formats
  • Comtek 95 Show Participation. Promotion of Alpha 21064 VME-board and software