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Test Case Management Tool

Test Case Management Tool

Client: worldwide leader in medical device manufacturing

Scope: Development of web-based application to store test specifications and
manage the testing process for all client’s products to simplify and speed up
the tests creation and modification as well as tests review and execution processes.

Product Features:

  • Complete database of all tests conducted for all medical devices developed and tested by the client: 60K tests
  • ŸSimultaneous operation by 100 online users
  • ŸAnalyzing and visualizing large amounts of data
  • ŸElectronic documents & signature feature implemented
  • ŸRoutine operations have been automated:
    • generating reports (per user, product, execution statistics)
    • ­gathering metrics and KPIs
    • ­documents scanning
    • ­signing test plans and review reports
    • ­support of tests import and export into separate documents
  • ŸHistorical data storing automation (test execution time for every test, metrics, KPIs, etc.)
  • ŸAdvanced information search functionality implemented
    • ­Tests for TSR items and vice versa (FDA audit support)
    • ­Tests for a specific version of a product
  • ŸSecurity & Change log implementation
    • ­Change log and audit log store information about any unauthorized access attempts (FDA audit support)
  • ŸVersion control
    • ­document changes history
    • ­Easy access to different versions of tests for different versions of products

Tools and technologies:  С#, ASP.Net Mvc3, SQL server 2012, Entity Framework, Microsoft Chart for data visualizing