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Court Workflow Automation

Court Workflow Automation

Auriga's employees participated in the development of a court case flow management system aimed at automating case flow procedures for criminal, civil and administrative cases in accordance with respective procedure codes of a large European country.

The automated system provides the following functionality:

  • Tools for documenting legal procedures
  • Convenient and easy to use tools for providing information on judges’ workload, as well as court case flow statistics
  • Case tracking system for case participants
  • Generating statistics reports on court activity for a particular time period.

The system is a 3-tier web application with a dedicated database server (MS SQL Server), and Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) as the application server and Microsoft Internet Explorer as a thin client.

Within the frame of the project Auriga’s team worked on all components of the 3-tier architecture. Among the tasks done by Auriga are customizing user interface, writing server commands, and implementing client-side logic.

Tools and Technologies: MS Visual Studio, MS SQL Server, VBScript, .NET