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Mobile-based Application for Analysis of Census Results

Mobile-based Application for Analysis of Census Results

For one of our long-term clients, Auriga has worked on a project of full-cycle development of a tablet application for gathering statistical information from public during a census conducted by Federal State Statistics Service. The project consisted of two phases: the first phase included product prototyping, the second was the development of the product with the trial use during a census.

The end product is an Android-based application with a dynamically created GUI allowing to display different software controls (buttons, tables, switches, etc.) depending on the type of questionnaire uploaded into the application. The product has the following functionality:

  • option to upload census data (questionnaires) and census taker tasks (addresses) from PC to tablet;
  • providing a UI for viewing the list of tasks (with their status) and entering data when questioning public;
  • transferring the obtained data from tablet to the operator's PC using synchronization mechanisms;

The developed application allows optimizing public poll procedures by:

  • using a tablet PC with the developed application installed when questioning people (this removes the necessity to create questionnaire markup and print the resulting questionnaires)
  • transferring electronic data from a tablet to the statistical service's servers (this removes the necessity to scan printed questionnaires and keep a dedicated questionnaire recognition team)

Also, the developed mobile app helps reduce errors by:

  • checking for data correctness upon entering;
  • skipping the scanned questionnaires recognition stage;
  • logging census taker's actions to protect from filling questionnaires with fake data.

Tools and Technologies: Java, Android, XML, SQL, .NET