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Meetings Management System

Meetings Management System

Seeking to improve the efficiency of meetings organization and post-meeting reporting within a large company, the client decided to introduce a meeting management system, tailored to its specific needs and integrated within the existing IT infrastructure. 

Auriga created a solution based on MOSS 2007 for meetings automation, and integrated it with MS Exchange and MS Project Server, and existing Hummingbird CMS, which was used for documentation workflow within the company.

Though the solution was quite compact in terms of code lines count, it required considerable work at the stage of requirements analysis and design, due to the need of integration with non-MS components and a very limited documentation coverage for the recently introduced MS Office 2007 platform, with no ‘best practices’ to fall back on.

The suite of web components was created, installed and configured for the customer corporate SharePoint portal.

The Meetings Management System implements:

  • MS Exchange for incoming messages filtering and redirection; sending notifications and requests
  • Ÿ MS SharePoint for generation and publishing pre- and post-meeting information
  • Ÿ MS ProjectServer for activities planning and tracking

The functions by the meeting management system include:

  • Ÿ Online registration for event participants
  • Calendar planning participants availability
  • Invitation lists and cancellations with e-mail notifications
  • Reminder e-mails
  • Meeting summary reports
  • Generating MS project activities

As a result our client has the opportunity to manage meetings using a centralized system integrated into broader solutions for the enterprise, such as the corporate document management system. Available via a web-browser interface, the solution allows the client staff to:

  • Ÿmanage the entire meeting process, from initial planning to considering the objectives and results of the meeting
  • distribute preparation materials or information and assign tasks before and after the meeting
  • ensure that the decision and action items are followed up and completed

Tools and Technologies: MS Exchange, MS SharePoint, MS Project Server, Hummingbird Document Management suite, C#,, XML, XSLT, Web parts, SMTP