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Automated Banking System with Dynamics Reports Functionality

Automated Banking System with Dynamics Reports Functionality

Auriga was tasked to create automated banking system (ABS) able to gather, store and analyze information on operational bank activities                across all 2300 branches of the bank.

Solution Functionality

  • ŸConsolidation, aggregation & managing various information on    operational bank activities and corporate clients:
    • Business values, branches/departments/units activities
  • ŸSupport of user activities across distributed branches of the Bank     in real-time mode
  • ŸUser customizable parameters for analysis and reporting
  • ŸUser management with enhanced security functions

Projects features

  • ŸHighly customizable reporting system, based on SSRS
  • ŸEnhanced analytics functionality implemented, using OLAP
  • ŸCentralized data repository created to avoid duplication of information
  • ŸFinancial management and retail department business processes adopted and integrated
  • ŸHTML5, MVC features used to automate the process of daily briefings
  • ŸData loaded dynamically decreasing reports preparation time
  • ŸCost-effective, labor cost reducing solution
  • ŸLarge-scaled project performed in 4 months under pressure
Tools and technologies:  ASP.NET, MS SQL Services (SSAS, SSRS, SSIS), OLAP, MS Visual Studio, ŸHTML5, MVC, XML