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Bank Reporting System Optimization and Maintenance

Bank Reporting System Optimization and Maintenance

The bank, operating on the consumer finance market, hired Auriga to provide performance optimization, enhancement and maintenance of the complex reports generation system. Main objectives of the customer were to increase operational efficiency and to support business decisions in real-time for several geographically distributed branches.

ŸAuriga engineers and analytics made a thorough examination of the entire reporting system and business processes. As a result, were a set of reports created to support operations for the following departments:
  • Depository
  • ­Treasury
  • ­Financial control
  • ­Retail credits
  • ­Risk management
One of the project objectives was to automate reporting by enhancing the integrated financial reporting system and enabling it to generate consolidated reports compliant and ready for the audits of the main government regulatory bodies.

Project features:
  • Implementation of data- and computation-intensive algorithms to increase the accuracy of financial reporting
  • Revision and optimization of the reports generation processes for deposit and loan management, finance audit, accounting procedures, consumer credit issues and accounting accordance to state regulators and committees 
  • Development of the module for the source data consolidation into unified format 
  • Automation of some bulk processing of the source data to calculate the financial performance measures
  • Performance optimization of the database of the historical contracts
  • Calculations are optimized for speed and accuracy
  • 10x reports performance improvement
  • Unique tool capable of dealing with exceptionally large business data volumes (not supported by off-the-shelf automated report system)
Product features:
  • Database size: 2 Tb
  • Stored procedures: 5000
  • Data sheets: 2000
  • Distributed three-tier architecture
  • Integration with several automated banking systems
The enhanced automated reporting system allowed the client 
  • to decrease operational risks and key person risks
  • to reduce the time and human effort spent on preparation of standard financial statements
  • to improve reporting transparency
  • to reduct the paperwork and labor costs
Tools and technologies:  Sybase, ŸABS Diasoft, Ÿ.NET Framework, ŸJ2SE , ŸJasper Reports, DevExpress, MS Access