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ECN Trading Platform Client Application

ECN Trading Platform Client Application

Auriga engineers developed a Silverlight client application for a ECN trading platform.

Customer´s solution is the fastest automated trading platform in the market possessing the following functionality:

  • customizable design and order management
  • support for all types of orders
  • cross-connect mode for white label clients to connect to partner banks when trading through seamless market
  • executable streaming prices, benchmark & algorithmic trading

The platform is designed as a 2-tier web application with a Java server and RIA web client.

To implement the RIA technology, Microsoft Silverlight plugin was used to develop the web client. Also, FIX protocol (used specifically for financial applications) was implemented to communicate between server and client.

Auriga engineers created own FIX parsing engine and had to develop and use a server emulator to check the developed functionality since no real Customer’s server was available during the development process.

Thanks to implementing the FIX protocol, Customer’s solution enables integrating with user’s existing trading tools.

RIA technology allows end users to reduce implementation costs since no additional software is needed to start using Customer’s solution.

Tools and Technologies: .NET framework, Microsoft Silverlight plugin for client development, RIA technology, C# as client and server emulator development languages