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High-Load Cardiac Monitoring System

High-Load Cardiac Monitoring System

Auriga implemented a high-load distributed cardiac monitoring system that analyzes EKG data of thousands of patients in real time and alerts users of approaching dangerous cardiac conditions.
  • A horizontally scalable service with low configuration requirements of compute nodes in heterogeneous networks
  • Adaptive filtering and normalization of the accumulated signal before injecting it into machine learning algorithms
  • A three-layer neural network to recognize emergency cardiac conditions
  • Automated deep learning
  • Interoperability with Holter EKG devices ensured by HL7 v3

Comparable to real-time treatment, the solution provides:

  • Simultaneous and continuous monitoring of hundreds of thousands of patients
  • Individual treatment plan for each user
  • Reminder to take medications on time
  • Correlation of cardiac data with weather records
  • Prevention of cardiac disorders

Tools and Technologies:

Grid Computing, Apache Ignite, Apache Hadoop 2.0, Apache Kafka, Apache Hive, QlikView

Please find more detailed information on the high-load cardiac monitoring system in our article.