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Wireless On-Board Diagnostics Device Update

Wireless On-Board Diagnostics Device Update


 A major US-based vehicle manufacturer hired Auriga to provide enhancement for device aimed at wireless collection of various data from a large fleet vehicle line-up for analysis and dealership service maintenance.

Project Highlights
  • New version of wireless driver stack developed and ported
  • Advanced EHCI/USB and USB hub control features developed and implemented
  • Custom USB driver module hot-plugging system
  • Power saving modes/ hibernation implemented
  • System boot-up time optimized
  • System real-time (interrupt) response optimized
  • USB/GSM Modem driver
  • Sustaining/maintenance/bug fixing
Achieved Benefits
  • Automatically collects VIN, odometer, DTCs, Tire Pressure, and checks for new SW updates in minutes
  • Performs 360o digital walk-around inspection and provides technician service history of the vehicle

Linux, GNU Toolchain (Gcc, etc.), CAN