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Mobile taxi-booking application

Mobile taxi-booking application

The application allows ordering a taxi, choosing from several companies, and sending information to the nearby taxi drivers. Features include:

  • Ÿ Taxi search based on user location. Displaying the nearby cars. Filtering based on rates, provided services, car types.
  • Ÿ Ordering a taxi for a specific time or “as soon as possible”. Determining the pick-up address based on the current user location, allowing to change the pick-up address if necessary.
  • Ÿ Tracking the taxi dispatch/arrival, displaying the assigned taxi on the map prior to arrival and during the ride.
  • Ÿ Providing notifications on the order status.
  • Ÿ Online access to general information, such as the list of available taxi services with contacts and rates
  • Providing feedback on the ride experience.

The Auriga team had to develop the solution from scratch without any existing web service, working under the pressure of short timeframes, hard deadlines, and continuously changing and detailed requirements. To provide a transparent, predictable development process, allowing for alterations to be made during the project lifecycle, Auriga used the following approach: Agile development methodology was combined with the traditional fixed-price contr

act in which both scope and price are specified up front.

Auriga engineers were striving to fascinate users with a perfect, groundbreaking product, so during the project, they were looking for new ways to improve architecture, shorten workflow, ensure quality, and optimize product performance. The application concept, designed by Auriga’s Customer, was significantly re-worked based on Auriga proposals. 

The first release of the app was made on October, 2011. The app was downloaded over 11,000 times during the first day and made it to top 3 free apps on GooglePlay and gets positive feedback from end users.

Tools and Technologies: iOS, Objective-C IDE: XCode; GPS; JSON