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Mobile shopper application

Mobile shopper application

Auriga was tasked to develop a mobile client for one of Auriga’s Customer’s flagship web services. The Android application, which resembles Google Shopper, allows users to choose the right product, read product reviews, and find the best prices and places to buy the selected product. In fact, this solution is akin to a personal shopper with an enriched interface and extended functionality:

  • Finding projects by name or by scanning the barcode
  • Getting detailed product information, customer reviews, price comparisons, lists of e-stores with the product in stock, detailed information on the stores
  • Searching for nearby stores, using map view for stores’ locations
  • Ordering products online or by calling the stores from within the app

The main goal of the project was to boost efficiency (i.e., making high-quality software rapidly). Auriga’s Customer needed to release this app by Christmas and did not have enough internal resources to complete the project. Moreover, they implied that they required a high-quality product in a short timeframe. For this fixed-price project, price, speed, and quality were essential. The Agile model tested on the previous projects released for Auriga’s Customer proved its suitability. Each iteration (sprint) ended with demo releases to obtain early feedback from Auriga’s Customer. This commitment significantly improved the development process and response time to meet Auriga’s Customer’s requirements.

All deadlines were met during the project, and the application was issued on time. It received positive feedback from users and a good average rating (4.3 out of 5) on Android Market (out of over 2000 reviews).

Tools and Technologies: Java, Android Native API; ZXing library