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Mobile/web videoconference clients

Mobile/web videoconference clients

Auriga’s Customer, an innovative Russian start-up SaaS company, provides high-tech videoconferencing software and on-line services to clients from various industries and business areas interested in effective communication with partners, customers, and employees. The ultimate goal of Auriga’s Customer is to create a unified communication space for a potentially unlimited number of participants.

The tasks delivered by the Auriga team include development of the videoconferencing server and Android 2.2 videoconferencing client as well as research and optimization of transcoding and echo suppression algorithms. The implemented solution provides the following:

  • Multifunctional complex UI
  • Connection to the proprietary server using the SIP invite method
  • Separate audio and video channels between client and server
  • Three-party videoconferencing support
  • Real-time transcoding to provide adjustable video streams based on the user’s connection speed (with possibility to modify transcoding parameters on the fly)
  • Acoustic echo cancellation for Android-based devices based on Speex
  • J2EE applets for extra services (e.g., WebDAV access to data)
  • Sign up/notifications for events specified by the user

When proper HD hardware is used, the solution provides a realistic telepresence experience and Internet bandwidth adaptation. However, generally, it can be used with virtually any Internet-connected device (e.g., mobile phones), which makes it extremely appealing to corporate users who need to be able to set up large-scale videoconferences with minimal effort and resources. The solution has been successfully implemented and accepted by Auriga’s Customer. Further project evolution includes the development of a number of value-added services such as video recording, storage, tagging, and searching to make the service more usable and attractive. 

Tools and technologies: ŸAndroid; Java, C++; Eclipse; SOAP, CORBA; SIP; Ffmpeg libs: libavcodec, libavformat, librtmp, libx264; Codecs H.263, H.264