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AdvancedTCA Shelf Manager

AdvancedTCA Shelf Manager

Design, development and maintenance of an AdvancedTCA shelf management solution that controls cooling, power management, board interconnection for a telecom shelf. Auriga engineers were part of the standardization task force of PICMG ( committee and then developed the first (and since then the leading) implementation of PICMG 3.x standard-based shelf manager for Auriga client. The project included:

  • Development of shelf manager software based on embedded Linux distribution running on a number of ARM-based telecom boards.
  • Compliance with PICMG 3.x and IMPI standards.
  • Implementing a rich set of access protocols: console, RMCP, SNMP, HTTP.
  • Redundancy, hot swap and high-availability support.
  • Development of automated test framework and suite that verifies operation of shelf manager operation under all conditions including hot swapping the boards in the telecom shelf. Part of the developed suite was used as base of PICMG-approved interoperability testing suite.
  • Support for several generations of shelf management hardware modules.
  • Post-release maintenance and enhancement.

Tools and technologies: Embedded ARM, Linux, IMPI, I2C, SMBUS, SNMP, HTTP, AdvancedTCA, CPLD assisted redundancy/hot-swap

 You can download full version case-study via link