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Enterprise Product Integration and Maintenance for Leading E-Commerce Vendor

Enterprise Product Integration and Maintenance for Leading E-Commerce Vendor

Business Need

BroadVision is a global provider of enterprise self-service web applications. Having acquired Interleaf, it was faced with the need to integrate Interleaf’s BladeRunner, a unique enterprise content management solution, into BroadVision’s core product offering—now known as BroadVision Content.


Auriga has been directly involved in the transformation of BladeRunner into BroadVision One-to-One Publishing and its continued development into a leading content management solution. Auriga’s contribution to the project has included development of the following key modules:

  • Ÿ Workflow Designer allows user to draw graphical representations of various activities in a workflow, referred to as a process definition.
  • Ÿ Workflow Manager is employed to manage workflow, forward tasks and related information from one user to another, assign specific staff members to tasks, set deadlines, etc.
  • Ÿ Information Manager Desktop allows user to check out, edit, and check in data to a repository. Support for European, Japanese, Chinese and Korean languages was implemented.


With Auriga’s assistance, BroadVision delivered one of the most effective Web content management applications in the industry. BroadVision One-To-One Publishing was voted “Content Management Product of the Year” by readers of InfoWorld. Outsourcing the product development, integration, and maintenance tasks to Auriga’s offshore team allowed BroadVision to

  • Ÿ cut down development costs by 40-45%;
  • Ÿ reduce time to market;
  • Ÿ re-direct BroadVision’s in-house staff to new product research and development.

These days BroadVision’s outsourcing partnership with Auriga is growing still deeper and more complex. Auriga’s offshore team is currently engaged in development, QA, and maintenance of BroadVision Content. Aberdeen Group cited BroadVision’s relationship with Auriga as a paragon in offshore software outsourcing: “BroadVision and Auriga have created collaborative processes and a sense of shared responsibility that qualifies their current relationship as an example of the best of practices. The relationship between the two companies has grown to the point where BroadVision views its Auriga team as a remote extension of its internal development organization.”

Tools and Technologies: Ÿ Solaris, HP-UX, Windows NT/ 2000/ XP, IBM RS6000 AIX; Visual C++, UNIX C++, C;  Lisp, Java, J2EE, Oracle DB, Rational tools

Customer’s Quote

“It is a great pleasure working with Auriga and the entire BV Moscow team. Please keep up your good work.”

David Boyer

VP of Product Development