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Video Encoding System for Xilinx Platform

Video Encoding System for Xilinx Platform

Client: a large telecom provider

Scope: development of a new digital/analog wireless video- and audio transmission system based on a new coding algorithm tolerant to the loss (distortion) of the fragments of the coded signal, designed to use with special equipment.


  1. To develop a compression and en/decoding algorithm, consistent with the noise immunity requirements and the channel capacity, taking into account the limitations of the computational capacity of the microcontroller performing the encoding (coder)
  2. To implement the system on Linux OS for Xilinx Spartan-6 HW platform

System Functionality:

  • Digitizing of the input analog signal
  • Audio signal receiving and encoding
  • Signal covering with an identification code
  • Writing to the external memory by the coder
  • Standard output video signal forming
  • Displaying of the coherent picture (acceptable functionality) with error probability of 1%
  • Response to motion (basic functionality) with interference probability of 10%
  • Error types: bit value distortion; phase desynchronization (bit duplication or falling out)
  • Signal restoration delay in the communication channel: 2 frames

System Parameters:

  • Input frame frequency: 25Hz
  • Number of lines horizontally: 525
  • Digitizing of 1,000 pixels in the line, 8 binary bits per pixel (50dB dynamic luminance)
  • Coder's input digital flow density: 105 Mbits/sec
  • Communication channel: 10 Mbits/sec

Tools & Technologies: Linux OS, Xilinx Spartan-6, codecs