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Auriga focuses on delivering robust business and technology solutions to the software and hardware high-tech product companies worldwide. Within 20+ years of its successful performance, Auriga has effectively delivered numerous projects for numerous U.S. and European clients, such as:

Outsourcing Software Development @Auriga for: IBM, Draeger, HP, Motorola, BroadVision, Dialogic, Nexplore, Pigeon Point Systems, Pilot Software, Verdasys, Chrysler, LinuxWorks, Mindray, Крок, Сбербанк, Яндекс, Yandex, Barclays, MindLabs, LiveWire Mobile, WebSoft, Earth Networks.
...and many more valued customers whose names we can't disclose.

Auriga is well-known for its client-centricity policy: focus on client’s business goals and providing best value, establishing comfortable and efficient communications, cultural fit for Western clients, individual approach and agility to each client. 

One of Auriga’s main skills is building dedicated engineering teams and competence centers for software development, maintenance, and/or testing. We have performed this service, which we call DDC, since 1990. Since then, we have created multiple teams for our clients that work on software products and solutions ranging from operating systems and medical devices to internal banking systems and mobile and online services—see Sample DDCs for some examples. You can also read more about why our customers choose us.

IBM is an US-based multinational computer, technology and IT consulting corporation headquartered in Armonk, New York, United States. IBM is the world's third largest technology company and the second most valuable global brand (after Coca-Cola). IBM has been well known through most of its recent history as the world's largest computer company and systems integrator. Due to NDA concerns, Auriga cannot disclose any technology-related information regarding our work for IBM.

Draeger Medical logo

Dräger Medical, an international leader in medical technology, takes advantage of both dedicated-team and project-based services provided by Auriga for system-level and embedded software development, applications porting, testing, verification & validation, including regression testing, automated testing in the area of anesthesia and patient monitoring solutions.

Lynx Software (former LynuxWorks, Inc), a pioneer and a proven leader in the embedded systems industry, has been using the services of Auriga since 1996. Within this collaboration Lynx Software considers Auriga's dedicated development team to be an integral part of its on-going projects. Auriga is involved in numerous Lynx Software projects, covering complete product life cycle (from requirements definition through testing and integration into core products.

The cooperation between Interleaf and Auriga began in 1995. In January 2000 BroadVision, a global provider of personalized self-service web application, acquired Interleaf, and received added offshore benefit from continued work with Auriga. The Dedicated Development Center, Auriga has been and is running for BroadVision, is responsible for full cycle engineering and support for BroadVision's flagship solutions One-To-One Content™ and QuickSilver™ .

Pigeon Point Systems, a U.S.-based company delivering world-class management components for modular platforms based on xTCA™ architectures. The dedicated team at Auriga traces its history back to 1997. As an integral part of Pigeon Point Systems, the Auriga team participated in the projects for such industry giants as Sun Microsystems, Motorola, NEC, Siemens and many others, and the xTCA™ standardization process driven by PICMG.

Stada CIS (JSC "NIZHPHARM") – one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world. Stada CIS was established in 2005 and operates as a subsidiary of Stada-Arzneimittel AG. Auriga launched its first project for Stada back in 2016. Due to NDA concerns, Auriga cannot disclose any technology-related information regarding our work for Stada CIS.

Dialogic Inc. is a communications technologies company founded in 1984. Auriga DDC was established in 1998. Our engineers were responsible for development, porting, testing and maintenance of embedded telecom software: software for media boards, hot swap integration, voice/fax/conference application kits.

Sberbank is the largest credit institution in Russia and CIS, accounting for 27% of the aggregate Russian banking assets and 26% of banking capital.Sberbank is ranked 43th in the world in terms of Tier 1 capital (according to The Banker magazine, as of 1 July 2010). Sberbank is the biggest taker of deposits in Russia and the key lender to the national economy. Due to NDA concerns, Auriga cannot disclose any technology-related information regarding our work for Sberbank. 

Concern "Axion" is a modern diversified enterprise with a rich 40-year history of medical device manufacturing designed for functional diagnostics, intensive care, neonatology, surgery and physiotherapy. Auriga – Axion collaboration started back in 2016. Due to NDA concerns, Auriga cannot disclose any technology-related information regarding our work for the Concern.

Home Credit Group (Home Credit B.V. and its subsidiaries) is a leading mass market consumer finance provider with €9.4bn of assets1 (as of 31 December 2012); which was established in 1997 in the Czech Republic.

Since 2011 Auriga works for Chrysler Group on development of automotive diagnostic and telematic reporting software.

Since 2013 Auriga performs projects for Conservation Services Group – the U.S. market leader in residential energy efficiency programs. Since its founding in 1984, the company has helped improve the efficiency of more than 3.1 million homes nationwide. In 2015 company was successfully acquired by CLEAResult Consulting, a leading provider of technology-enabled energy efficiency solutions and services in North America.

Since 2003 Auriga performs projects for Digital Guardian (former Verdasys, Inc.) — the manufacturer of complex and time-proven data security solutions.

In early 1990 Hewlett-Packard and Auriga entered into the negotiation process, engendered successful cooperation. As a result Auriga designed and implemented a PC based information management system to track contracts with outside consulting companies and independent contractors for several HP entities, monitor the completion time and project status, and generate financial reports on the projects. The system was fully adjusted to the needs of the client.

The cooperation between Auriga and CROC – the leading Russian company in IT infrastructure creation with a wide portfolio of industry-specific solutions and services, – started in 2004 and continues till nowadays.

OnMobile Global Limited provides telecom value added services internationally. The company offers ring back tones; videos, games, music, and images through digital content store; and infotainment services, including quiz and sports solutions. It provides its services to network operators, media companies, and consumers. Due to NDA concerns, Auriga cannot disclose any technology-related information regarding our work for OnMobile.

The company was founded in 1993, and it is currently (as of March 2012) the second most popular weather-information service on the Internet. Earth Networks owns the brand WeatherBug, which has existed since 2000, when the WeatherBug desktop application was launched. Since 2012 Auriga performed several projects to enhance the mobile weather informer application and modernize the embedded software of compact weather stations.

iMind is a Russian video service by MindLabs, using the SAAS model to arrange webinars, web and video broadcasts, that works with any browser installed Adobe Flash Player without any additional installations on the user's computer. Auriga and iMind collaborations started in 2010 and continues till present days.

Since 2012 Auriga works for WebSoft on re-engineering and porting the flagship e-learning and assessment systems to mobile platforms.

Barclays Bank Russia, part of global Barclays Group, is offering retail banking, credit cards, commercial banking and wealth management products and services. As an issuer of VISA and MasterCard cards, Barclays Bank is one of the leaders in the Russian acquiring business. 

Mobixell Networks develops and delivers innovative mobile multimedia and advertising solutions to the dynamic world of mobile telecommunications. Mobixell solutions enable operators and content providers to introduce multimedia based services to subscribers and maximize their revenue streams by delivering optimized, high-quality, rich media content while ensuring the best quality of experience.