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Interviews with the Customers

 Auriga's customer since 2013

Since 2013 Auriga performs projects for Conservation Services Group – the U.S. market leader in residential energy efficiency programs. Auriga team provide maintenance, modernizing, and re-engineering services of the current software version for reliability and stability’s well as the development of the new Amazon Web Services cloud-based generation that will replace the existing legacy applications.

"Auriga’s team has been a vital part of this project from the very beginning and has contributed greatly to its success. This is a group of highly qualified software development specialists. The Auriga team has the ability to combine the technical competence with strong management skills, focus on the result, and attention to business needs. The quality of the final product is outstanding, and we have already received positive feedback from our clients. We plan to continue working with Auriga on enhancing our platform in the future." 

Lex Crosett, Executive Vice President of Software and Services, CSG

"Auriga is a professional end-to-end provider of exceptional software services. […] It is not a client-vendor relationship. We are one team, working on a common solution. And that’s the most important part for me, when developing successful software ." 

Jeffrey Broderick, Senior Product Owner at CSG

 Auriga's customer since 2003

The cooperation between Veradsys (recently re-branded as Digital Guardian), the manufacturer of complex and time-proven data security solutions, and Auriga began in 2003. Since the very beginning Auriga engineers performed a number of projects on development, maintenance, re-engineering and porting of Digital Guardian flagship product.


"Digital Guardian has an exceptional engineering team that is only able to work with other exceptional people. I feel that Auriga has such exceptional people that can deal with exceptional ideas. Auriga has always been able to come through for us. I particularly like that, with very little information, they take strong initiative to bring a concept to reality and deliver." 

"One of the things I like most is how well organized they are. In fact, we adopted some of the weekly update formats and delivery documents they use. And I liked it so much that I actually started doing the same things with my team." 

"They are also very accommodating to our time zone requirements. Any time we need to have a meeting, any time we need their presence at a design review, and, more importantly, any time we need them to investigate a customer issue, they are always available.quot; 

Ruben Echandy, Vice President, Engineering, at Digital Guardian

Auriga's customer since 1997

The cooperation between Interleaf and Auriga began in 1995. In January 2000 BroadVision, a global provider of personalized self-service web application, acquired Interleaf, and received added offshore benefit from continued work with Auriga. The Dedicated Development Center, Auriga has been and is running for BroadVision, is responsible for full cycle engineering and support for BroadVision's flagship solutions One-To-One Content™ and QuickSilver™ .


"We get huge amount of comfort from being able to depend on Auriga to deliver what we need." 

"We're probably going on 15-16 years working with Auriga and we couldn't be happier with the level of services we've received. It has been an excellent partnership - we view your team as our team." 

David Boyer, Senior Vice President, Engineering and Technical Support at BroadVision

Auriga's customer since 2003

Dräger Medical, an international leader in medical technology, takes advantage of both dedicated-team and project-based services provided by Auriga for system-level and embedded software development, applications porting, testing, verification & validation, including regression testing, automated testing in the area of anesthesia and patient monitoring solutions.

"You [Auriga] have the people that are ready to produce a quality product." 

"When we were reaching a critical part of the project we had the knowledge and we had the resources to be productive and effective." 

"With Auriga [...] we were able to align our processes and we were able to produce a quality product together." 

Vice President of Research and Development at Draeger Medical 


Auriga's customer since 1998

Our Customer is the leading provider of world-class multimedia and signaling technologies and platforms. The main focus of Auriga's dedicated team is one of the SW solutions for the Customers media boards - the modular runtime and development environment for call control, play/record, PSTN trunking, voice over IP, conferencing, fax, ASR/TTS integration, 3G and IP video services, and OAM applications. Our engineers implement new product features, support new Customer's hardware, migrate software to new versions of operating systems, fix software defects and deliver back-end support to end-users since 1998.


"We view Auriga [...] as an extention of our development team." 

"We've really enjoyed working with them [Auriga team], their flexibility in terms of understanding of the work that is required not just for development, but certainly [also] with keeping our customers happy. And it is something that we feel very comfortable with." 

Director of Sustaining Engineering


Auriga's customer since 1997

Pigeon Point Systems, a U.S.-based company delivering world-class management components for modular platforms based on xTCA™ architectures. The dedicated team at Auriga traces its history back to 1997. As an integral part of Pigeon Point Systems, the Auriga team participated in the projects for such industry giants as Sun Microsystems, Motorola, NEC, Siemens and many others, and the xTCA™ standardization process driven by PICMG.


"In 13 years [..], the experience that we’ve had with Auriga has been excellent." 

"Certainly if I were to start another start-up I would make the same choice, I think, to work with Auriga." 

"We were able to recruit senior engineers with very mature engineering backgrounds, and it's been a very stable, long-running team. And that's been a critical part of our success." 

Mark Overgaard, President at Pigeon Point Systems


Multiple accounts since 1997


"The real benefits were the fact that they were able to solve hard problems, the difficult problems that we were not getting out with some other outsourcing vendors." 

"One of the things that I really appreciate is the fact that they became the extension of our development team; they were our employees as much as they were Auriga’s employees." 

"I refer Auriga to other companies because I know they'll be successful with Auriga." 

John Pavlov, President at Creative Racing Solutions

Customers quotes


"Auriga engineering teams have been highly competent, effective and disciplined; even more important, they have made important contributions to the business success of each venture. It has been a pleasure to work with this professional organization and its people."

Mark Overgaard, President at Pigeon Point Systems

"Auriga's teams have consistently delivered quality software designed for maintainability and usability."

Luke C. Dion, VP Engineering at LynuxWorks

"Our company would like to note the high professional level of Aurigas’ engineers while realizing a series of software development projects."

Alexey Dobrovolskiy, SW Development Director at CROC

"Here in Mobixell we are definitely appreciate Auriga’s professional work and very satisfied with the final result."

Oren Zucker, Project Manager at Mobixell

"The breadth and depth of the team is significant. I would highly recommend them to other divisions looking for outsourcing."

Director of Software Development at One of Top 5 Largest Global IT Vendors



"BroadVision and Auriga have created collaborative processes and a sense of shared responsibility that qualifies their current relationship as an example of best practices."

Steve Lane, Research VP, Aberdeen Group

"The quality of the work, excellent communication with our team, and collaborative approach renewed my faith that the offshore model can be successful."

Jim Triandiflou, COO at Centive

"We are glad to have Auriga engineers on board. We have not had any problems with communication, they are working well with our in-house team, and our initial impression of their technical capability is good."

Matthew Cooke, Outsource Software Program Manager at Raymarine

"It is a great pleasure working with Auriga and the entire BV Moscow team. Please keep up your good work."

David Boyer, Senior Vice President, Engineering and Technical Support at BroadVision

"We were very pleased with the work of the Auriga engineers—they were always very professional and hard-working but above all fun to work with."

Director, Platform Technology Group at the Major UNIX OS Manufacturer



"Excellent engineering. Excellent price."

Draeger Medical

"Once again Auriga's engineers have exceeded our expectations. They have done an EXCELLENT job in HALF the time that we had expected to spend. I don't know of any team that could have done a better job on this project. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!"

John Blevins, Director of Engineering at LynuxWorks

"Auriga's world-class engineers and developers have helped to ensure that we deliver cutting-edge products on time and on budget."

Edward W. Mandel, President & Chief Executive Officer, Founder at neXplore