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Expertise: CRM Systems

Auriga has a long history developing custom client relationship management (CRM) software solutions aimed at supporting all customer care activities of the end users, designed with a close attention to the client needs and requirements to ensure complete software integration into the client’s existing business processes. An extensive experience developing n-tier applications for large multinationals allows ensuring the high quality of the created enterprise client relationship management systems. The solutions developed with participation of Auriga engineers are implemented and deployed for a number of Fortune Top 100 companies worldwide.

Auriga offers professional expertise in various areas of CRM software development:

  • Custom CRM software development
  • CRM applications development and maintenance
  • CRM systems maintenance and support
  • CRM products integration with third-party and legacy products
  • CRM software cross-platform/OS porting and migration

The rich experience in the area of CRM development and the high level of customer trust allowed Auriga to bring partnership with one of the customer care software vendors to a new level. After years of successful cooperation, the Undisclosed client, the U.S. software development company that pioneered commercial Open Source CRM solutions with focus on customer care for medium to large enterprises, and Auriga announced the strategic partnership agreement. According to the agreement signed at the beginning of 2007, Auriga became the first integration service provider of the CRM System in the Russian Federation, Commonwealth states and Eastern Europe. Under to the agreement, Auriga will provide the full spectrum of product implementation services including software integration, training and systems support.

Please refer to the Skills and Technologies, page for more information on the technical skills possessed by our experts.

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