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Expertise: Healthcare

In the complex world of medical technology, proven experience and expertise are critical assets. Auriga engineers have built up a strong expertise in developing software solutions for the healthcare/medical industry. The wide range of implemented industry-specific solutions spans from custom medical device embedded software to clinical information systems. The two main areas of our expertise are described in the two sections below:

Medical Devices

Having a long history of developing complex embedded software for various verticals, Auriga is well-equipped technologically to provide robust solutions for medical device manufacturers. Our portfolio includes development of the software components and entire solutions for medical devices, development of the tools used for device manufacturing and quality assurance tasks, verification and validation activities, hazard analysis. The medical devices we have dealt with include patient monitoring units, anesthesia and ventilation machines.

As a provider of the software development services for such companies as Draeger Medical we understand the special requirements of the industry. Apart from market pressures to improve product quality, accelerate new product introduction, and reduce operational cost, medical devices manufactures have the additional challenge of operating in a highly regulated environment. The safety and reliability of the end product must be uncompromising; quality is paramount. Auriga ensures that a customer not only receives quality software services but that the product is also fully compliant with all current FDAs and European Community regulations on medical devices.

In the modern world, an ability of a medical device to efficiently communicate with other devices in a hospital-wide network and provide information to remote stations for centralized monitoring is extremely valuable. The deep expertise of Auriga engineers in network technologies and real-time data processing helps our customers to achieve that goal.

Medical Device Quality Management Standard Compliance

* 21 CFR Part 820
* ISO 13485

Health Information System

Auriga engineers have significant experience in the full-life cycle development of Health Information Systems designed to optimize IT support for patient care and administration by electronic data processing. A good example is the Community Hospital & Clinic Information System (CHCIS) that was originally designed and created for in-patient/out-patient hospitals and clinics in the U.S. and Canada.

Developing solutions for this area requires a good knowledge of several domains ranging from specific data communication protocols, such as HL7, to more generic enterprise application development—databases, modern interface and business logic design based on J2EE or .Net. The ability to effectively build an integrated a knowledge base within a project team is the skill that Auriga excels at, with its own portfolio including a variety of solutions from the deep system level components to Web-based enterprise systems.

Please refer to the Skills and Technologies, page for more information on the technical skills possessed by our experts.

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