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Skills&Technologies: JAVA&J2EE

Since its foundation in 1990, Auriga has remained on the leading edge of creating innovative solutions and tackling new engineering challenges. Auriga’s successfully completed project list includes more than 40 successful implementations of Java-based projects embracing the full life-cycle development of the J2EE CRM application and the powerful content management end-to-end solution with a scalable e-Business platform.

Over the years, Auriga has been attracting Russia’s top engineering talent, famous for their mindset for creativity. The company’s engineers have accumulated a vast experience in

  • Implementing multi-tier architectures based on J2EE technologies
  • Supporting all major application servers in J2EE applications
  • Using Java messaging service for implementing synchronous and asynchronous logic
  • Implementing distributed architecture including XA transactions support for JDBC and JMS
  • J2EE application clustering support
  • Integration with all major databases: MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MySQL
  • Development of Eclipse-based IDEs and components
  • JVM porting, integration, and performance tuning
  • JSPs / custom tag libraries / JSF / Tapestry for presentation
  • Active Directory Single Sign On for web applications and LDAP support
  • Third-party frameworks: J-Integra, OpenLDAP, Jakarta commons, etc.

Depending on the client’s needs and wishes, Auriga can perform the full range of services in development, installation, troubleshooting, support and maintenance of all levels of n-tier distributed software (back-end, middleware, front-end) and projects for large multinationals as well as for small start-ups.

Since 2006, Auriga’s Training Center has been offering its customers a selection of training programs in several core programming technologies including Java programming.


Auriga engineers are experienced in using the following tools and technologies:

  • J2EE
    • EJBs
    • JDBC, JMS, XA transactions
    • Clustering
    • JSPs / custom tag libraries / JSF / Tapestry / LWT/ AJAX
  • J2ME
  • Third-party frameworks
    • J-Integra, OpenLDAP, Jakarta commons, Jboss Cache, Log4J, Castor, Spring, Velocity, Tapestry, Hibernate, Slide, Crystal Reports, XF Rendering Server 2005, Aspose, etc
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