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Expertise: System-Level Software Development

Auriga has accumulated comprehensive experience in offshore system-level development through 20+ years of services to ISV and OEM customers, including LynuxWorks, IBM, Dräger Medical, and others. Auriga successfully delivers complex projects and is capable of offering sophisticated and flexible solutions tailored to meet each customer’s requirements. The list of projects successfully completed by Auriga includes numerous large and midsize projects requiring software development and support, re-engineering, porting, software testing and QA, and IT consulting services under a variety of operating systems.

The Auriga professional software engineering team is experienced in product development with all major operating systems, including different types of Linux, Windows, and several real-time and embedded operating systems. Some operating systems (such as BlueCat) and system development tools (such as SpyKer or Luminosity), have been developed by or with direct involvement of Auriga engineers. Our engineering teams resolve challenges arising in the development of multi-platform products and complex tasks. Auriga provides application migration between different software and hardware platforms, and has successfully handled embedded migration projects.

Auriga offers offshore system-level development services for:

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