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Expertise: Data Storage Solutions

Auriga has significant experience in product development in the area of high performance data storage solutions. Auriga’s development teams have worked with a number of major customers and provided high quality SAN-based storage solutions and networking products.

Auriga engineers have participated in various projects in the following areas:

  • The Fibre Channel Device Drivers Suite Development. This project was a part of a bigger outsourced project to provide a high-capacity SAN-based storage solution for one of the top 4 leading suppliers of storage products
  • SCSI Drivers Development
  • iSCSI and Networking Technologies
  • I2O Protocol Solutions

As in every other area, Auriga’s strength lies in the wide range of expertise areas. In particular, Auriga’s vast experience in High Availability solutions can bring additional value for the product companies developing storage solutions. Auriga engineers have developed complete CompactPCI hot swap infrastructures for several OS’s, drivers for specialized hardware allowing for HA system control, and HA products that operate in the hot failover mode and allow for non-stop operation during hardware and/or software failures, maintenance, and upgrades.

Please refer to the Skills and Technologies page for more information on the technical skills of our experts.

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