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Services: Re-engineering and Porting

In our modern rapidly changing IT world, high-tech and software companies need to continuously ensure that their software infrastructure is not too far behind the technological frontier. Moreover, for IT products, the customers’ interest in them often greatly depends on the range of supported hardware platforms. This leads to a frequent need to port the products and solutions to new software and hardware platforms. And such porting effort may be very challenging as each platform has a unique and often quite a long list of peculiarities to be addressed.

The process of re-engineering and porting of the existing software product is complicated and includes modification tasks and a set of QA measures. Auriga is perfectly aware of all these specific challenges and with its 20+ years of experience working closely with the industry leaders, including IBM, LynuxWorks, Pigeon Point Systems and others, provides smooth re-engineering and porting solutions aimed at improving customers' IT systems usability and effectiveness.

The re-engineering and porting process consists of several steps, starting with a careful analysis of the existing software, and including building, debugging, and testing the software on the new platform. Depending on the nature of the software and the source code, this can be as simple as recompiling the code and verifying that everything works properly, or as complex as redesigning the whole application and rewriting large sections of the code to accommodate the new platform.

Auriga Experience

Auriga’s strength is in its rich practical knowledge of software porting and re-engineering. Auriga has extensive experience in Firmware, OS, and numerous standards libraries, including:

  • Good knowledge base of the specifics of each UNIX-based OS, including releases (AIX, POSIX, Solaris, HP-UX, IRIX, Digital Unix, NCR, Linux, et cetera), and NT platforms
  • Expertise in various UNIX shells and ability to handle complex build programs / compilation scripts
  • In-house tools aimed at precise identifying of the impact of non generic function calls in source code
  • Code alterations while keeping source code common for source and target environments, where the client part is to only specify the compiler/build options
  • Time and effort-proven methodology for the management of the inherently complex porting/migration processes

Auriga Services

Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS):

  • RTOS re-engineering, including real-time applications and drivers and customization of RTOS board support packages (BSPs)
  • Migrating from proprietary RTOS development to Embedded Linux
  • Porting of RTOS and Embedded Linux to embedded architectures and platforms

Hardware-Dependent Applications and Operating Systems:

  • Porting of hardware-dependent solutions to a different OS
  • Merging the functionality of two systems or applications, where it involves porting toolkits and smoothing out the differences between interfaces
  • Changing and adding new features and functions to existing applications

Processors and Device Drivers:

  • Porting of system-level applications to new hardware architectures without changing the OS or the compilers
  • Porting and re-engineering of network and bus device drivers for various bus architectures and I/O standards
  • Development of suitable BSPs

Auriga’s Values

Auriga offers end-to-end support including all types of activities from from re-engineering and porting planning to implementation and maintenance. In re-engineering projects, an existing system that uses some combination of languages, databases, operating systems, etc. is reengineered into a system using a different combination of such technologies and frameworks.

Auriga assists its clients in the following re-engineering needs:

  • Architecture Change
  • Database and Middleware Porting
  • Operating system Migration
  • Functionality Change and Enhancement

Auriga provides a full-range support in accomplishing the following porting requirements:

  • Version Migration
  • New Processor Architecture Porting
  • Compiler Porting
  • Database and Middleware Porting
  • OS-OS Porting
  • Language Porting

Customers Benefits

Auriga’s re-engineering and porting services add value to our customers’ efforts to consolidate towards a single platform, revitalize legacy applications, and provide off-the-shelf solutions to meet specific customer requirements. Auriga's software re-engineering services enable its customers to realize greater business value and bring in new benefits by:

  • Enhancing customer and user satisfaction with IT systems and processes
  • Upgrading from older to newer technologies
  • Extending application life through business logic enhancements
  • Moving out of legacy platforms or languages where vendor support is not available
  • Reducing costs of maintaining legacy systems
  • Overcoming difficulty in staffing experts with skills for working with diverse platforms

The customers using our services benefit from utilizing Auriga’s vast re-engineering and porting experience, as well as from having us working according to the profoundly developed engagement model and engineering methodologies tailored to the particular project’s needs.