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Big Data Solutions

With the rise of the Internet of Things, multimedia, and social media, the amount of data in our world has been exploding, revolutionizing the way modern businesses operate. Excited by the many opportunities Big Data offers in almost every industry, Auriga brings to the table its extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in full cycle of services from prediction analytics to building hybrid clouds and deploying Big Data solutions to end-user interface and mobile apps development for telecom and logisticsautomotive and manufacturinghealthcare and educationfinance and insurance domains.

Our Big Data expertise includes architecture design, integration, development and testing services:

  • Multitier cluster architecture for online and near-line streaming applications processing Big Data flows using Spark, Storm, Ignite and other high-performance solutions
  • Distributed high-load systems for fault-tolerant scalable solutions for multiprocessors and multicomputers
  • Ultra-high performance database solutions – structure, indexing, and queries optimization
  • Adoption of Apache open-source software, including Hadoop and Ignite ecosystems
  • Commercial distributions - Cloudera and Hortonworks
  • Source code customization for open source solutions – MySQL, PostgreSQL and Hadoop stack projects optimization for specialized computing platforms
  • Data modelling and mathematical algorithms development and implementation
  • Data ingestion and Data Warehouse and Data Lake design
  • Existing data models analysis and modification, data consolidation
  • Predictive analytics and machine learning: modelling, hypothesis testing, A/B testing, restoration of trends and time series for sensors in IoT networks
  • Smart search engines based on Elastic search and Nutch, incorporate NoSQL DB like DynamoDB, MongoDB, Redis and Cassandra
  • Data visualisation using Gephi or Kibana, Neo4j and GraphX
  • Deployment services using Docker, CoreOS, Mesos, DCOS tools
  • Relational DB industrial systems: MS SQL Server, Oracle DB, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Hadoop & NoSQL map-reduce services: Spark, Storm, OracleXDB, Aerospike, Amazon RedShift etc.
  • Data migration: MS Integration Services, Clover ETL, Oracle SQL Loader, Mondrian Kettle
  • Load balancers, distributed message queries and caching systems
  • Desktop and server BI systems and online analytical processing (OLAP): JasperBI, Qlik, Pentaho
  • Customized high-performance reporting systems – Crystal Reports, XF Rendering Server, Aspose, Jasper Reports, MS Reporting Service
  • Private, hybrid, and public cloud technologies expertise: migration, integration, apps development: Amazon Web Service, OpenStack, MS Azure, CUDA


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