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Digital Signal Processing

Embedded software development often requires processing signals coming from device sensors and communication channels, and sometimes working with audio/media streams (enhancing quality, canceling echo, etc.). Auriga is well equipped to deal with those tasks at the software and DSP processor levels. Over the years, Auriga engineers have gained experience working with DSPs of the TI TMS320 family, NMS/Dialogic AG 4000 cards, DSPs in ARM Cortex A-8; utilizing Xilinx Spartan and Virtex FPGAs; and using Verilog for applications like:

  • Digital/analog wireless video and an audio transmission system based on a coding algorithm tolerant to the loss/distortion of signal
  • Signal processing for GPS/GLONASS satellite navigation with high-sensitive tracking and multipath mitigation algorithms
  • SPI bus master and PCI Express-based framework implementation
  • Voice/fax/call processing system
  • Information stream encryption/decryption
  • DSP firmware upload for a medical patient monitor 
Relevant Cases