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Document, workflow and content management systems

Auriga has a proven track record developing open, scalable, and integrated workflow, document, and content management solutions (DMS and CMS) that allow users to locate, control, review, revise, and distribute up-to-date information critical to the success of mid-size and large enterprises. The Auriga team has successfully accomplished a variety of projects in the development and implementation of workflow and DMS for enterprise networking needs, covering the creation, storage, retrieval, and re-use of documents. Auriga engineers’ solid experience allows them to create a wide range of CMSs—from standalone to complex web-based systems.

Solutions and services successfully provided by Auriga for its customers include:

  • Custom workflow and DMS/CMS development, re-engineering, QA, maintenance, enhancement, and support
  • Implementation of Web-based solutions from scratch:
    • System architecture
    • Functional design
    • GUI design
    • Development
    • Quality assurance
    • Maintenance
    • Customer support
  • DMS module development and maintenance
  • Integration with third-party products
  • GUI-based workflow application development
  • Rework, maintenance, and support of a role-based Web thin-client application
  • Web-DAV interface implementation
  • Internationalization, Unicode support

Our approach to workflow, DMS, and CMS development is focused on the automation of business processes in order to facilitate vertical-specific operations for every user at every stage of the document lifecycle with the ultimate goal of accommodating your business's ever-changing needs and helping you attain success.

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