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Location based services

Personalization, information, and mobility are shaping the face of today’s world, with a wave of new products, services, and business models based on wireless data services. Auriga assists clients from mobile and telecommunications verticals to deliver location-based mobile solutions, helping network operators, mobile-device OEMs, and distributors bring added value to their products.

Modern systems offer tremendous opportunities for LBS application in health, indoor object search, entertainment, work, personal life, etc. For over four years, Auriga has been executing projects concerning LBS services dealing with various technologies and gaining experience in GPS/GLONASS, GSM/UMTS, and Near LBS (NLBS) location methods.

Auriga engineers have performed various projects relying on location-based approaches:

  • The development of a “warm start” technology adaptation for GLONASS for a Russian company engaged in the creation of navigation and timing equipment based on GLONASS/GPS signals
  • The development of a set of mobile applications that provides an enhanced experience for car owners during track racing (offers auto track detection, current track position, real-time technical information, average/best times, etc.)
  • The development of an on-line trace-service portal for one of the leading search engine operators
  • The development of a positioning framework for determining location using GPS and GSM (cell based) and showing the location on the map (Google Maps, Open Street Maps, Yandex Maps)
  • The development of a GPS tracker solution based on the framework, designed for gathering, processing, and visualizing telemetry data
  • The development of an on-line transport-booking application that tracks car dispatch/arrival with map view in real-time mode
  • The development of a credit card holder’s mobile informer system for a large Eastern European commercial bank subsidiary with an implemented search engine for locating the nearest ATMs and offices (with map view) and service providers (stores and restaurants) participating in the bank-affiliate program
  • The development of a distributed client-server GEO application with a custom POI algorithm visualization for EU mobile software and related service providers 

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