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Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System

Auriga’s has performed a full-cycle development of a warehouse management system for a division of one of the world's largest software/hardware manufacturing companies. The customer needed a custom solution that would fit its specific needs. No solutions available on the market could satisfy its requirements. Auriga was tasked to create an automated system for the customer's warehouse management purposes.

The following tasks have been completed:

  • Development of a user-friendly (web-based) interface for asset and shipment management
  • Migration from old-fashioned xls-files to DB
  • Access level based on employees’ roles
  • Development of functionality for tracking equipment starting from the request stage until its final delivery to end-users
  • Easy to use processing of large volumes of data with focus on data accuracy
  • Development of the reports subsystem with the following types of reports:
    • Exceptions reports (4 types of exceptions)
    • Bottlenecks reports
    • Free resources available on the site
    • Inventory turnover

Thanks to the new system the Customer could optimize its current business processes in the following areas:

  • Asset location management
  • Shipment management
  • Storage analysis and reporting

As a result the amount of manual operations has been reduced at least by 50 percent.

The customer was very satisfied with the solution and tasked Auriga with support activities for all customer's internal tools and systems integrated into its internal web portal. The solution is currently being used by all customer´s divisions in one of European countries.

 Tools and technologies:  ASP.NET, Link to SQL, MS SQL Server

Name: Warehouse Management System
Tags: case study, project, software development, enterprise, workflow, .Net, SQL, database, data migration, storage, DB

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