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Automated Information System for Arbitration Proceedings

Automated Information System for Arbitration Proceedings

Scope: to enhance the information system designed for automation of the arbitration proceedings

Product Features

  • ŸLog keeping and primary documents allocation automated system
  • ŸDocuments allocation according to the judges’ time sheets and specialization
  • ŸJournaling of documents and cases exchange between the court’s departments

Project Features

  • Ÿ3-tier .NET web-application
  • ŸDedicated database server based on Oracle 10g
  • ŸMicrosoft Internet Information Server (ISS) – application server
  • ŸMicrosoft Internet Explorer – “thin” client
  • ŸActivities varied from the interface modification to the creation of requests for the Oracle DB
  • ŸEnhanced report generation mechanism implementation
  • ŸReports on the schedules of court sessions and judges’ time sheets, cases’ statuses and deviation from procedural time limits, etc.
  • ŸOptimization of the mechanism that enables large data volume loading from the database
Tools and technologies:  .NET, MS IE, MS IIS, ŸOracle DB
Name: Automated Information System for Arbitration Proceedings
Tags: case study, project, enterprise, workflow, document-management system, government, .Net, data, storage, DB, Oracle

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