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Economic Census Results Processing System

Economic Census Results Processing System

Auriga took part in the development of the processing system for the economic census results for the state statistics agency.

The system that has been developed allows entering statistical information about small enterprises in Russia, saving the acquired data into the database for further analysis based on various parameters depending on the goals of the research. Auriga’s team was tasked with the development of the subsystem for recovery of missing data and development of the district level of the application.

For the development of the solution and creation of the database the team used MS SQL Server and the Microsoft.NET-based proprietary framework of the Customer.

Within the frame of the project the team worked on the development of all three components of a 3-tier architecture: user interface changes have been implemented, client logic has been improved, and database requests have been optimized. 

The main task in this project included development of the subsystem of the missing data recovery based on certain criteria. Algorithms have been developed that helped work out the solution (recovery of the data based on regions, territorial units,  economic activities, etc.) and at the same time reduce the system load. Auriga’s engineers used SQL SCR that helped reduce the number of requests by 80 times, unload the system and improve the productivity.

The experience of working with the proprietary framework on previous projects of the same Customer, as well as a great Microsoft.NET expertise allowed delivering the project in the most efficient way.

Tools and Technologies: MS SQL, C#, .NET, WPF, Proprietary framework

Name: Economic Census Results Processing System
Tags: case study, project, government, enterprise, document-management system, DMS, DB, database, .Net, SQL

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