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Human Resources Workflow Automation

Human Resources Workflow Automation

Auriga's customer, a leading regional mining and metallurgical group of companies, tasked our team to develop an HR workflow solution
  • to improve efficiency of its HR department processes - hiring, firing, evaluation, training
  • reduce paperwork
  • raise manageability of HR workflows
  • speed up approval cycles
  • provide effective tools for measuring HR key performance indicators
  • add visibility into the processes supporting management decisions
  • ensure process compliance and error reduction 

Auriga expanded the corporal MS Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007) portal with custom web parts to implement the required workflows for different participant’s roles, empowering users through web-based self-service functions.

A MOSS 2007 document library with custom triggers was utilized to generate, store and manage HR documents (formal requests, check lists, forms, reports and so on) within the workflows.

HR Workflow system was integrated within the existing IT infrastructure in strict accordance with enterprise security policies.

The system automates the following HR activities:
  • Serve as a corporate portal for employee communications (HR policies, who's who, what's new, etc.)
  • Manage personnel changes including compensation, position or title
  • Perform employee performance appraisal and review
  • Manage required professional training
  • Maintain electronic forms, route, acquire, track, and escalate approvals
  • Automate notifications of employee reviews and manage the process on-line
  • Provide user management capabilities
  • Enable notifications integrated with MS Outlook

The HR Workflow System was developed and integrated into the Customer’s corporate portal, providing an efficient, reliable and low-cost tool to solve the Customer’s HR department business needs.

Tools and Technologies: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, MS Exchange, .Net, C#,, XML, XSLT, Web parts    

Name: Human Resources Workflow Automation
Tags: case study, project, enterprise, workflow, automation, .Net, Sharepoint, web

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