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Automated System for Working Time Management

Automated System for Working Time Management

For a long-established client, one of the largest banks in Russia, Auriga has been developing an automated system for working time management.

The scope of the project involved development of a project that would allow automating the activities of the bank’s personnel in the area of human resource management, including working activities monitoring, forecast of employee headcount, preparation of operating schedules. The system should provide managers with relevant quality information to help them manage working time of employees.

The main goals for the developed solution include the following:

  • Regularly generating information based on the factual data about time that the bank’s employees have worked or have not worked and the reasons of their absence at work;
  • Ability to generate information about planned absence of employees for a certain time period;
  • Providing of information about planned/forecast absence of employees and the main principles of preparing operating schedules for a certain period of time to departments’ heads in order to provide for a specified number of employees available to work at this period of time.

The project has been divided into two stages:

  1. Implementation of data import from internal systems of the bank and generating of reports of the factual presence at work for every employee and every branch of the bank for a selected period of time.
  2. The second stage is focused on the development of forecast mechanism: based on the statistical data forecast is generated (presence/absence of employees).

Project Features:

  • Implementation of data import from SAP HR, automated career development system and other internal systems of the bank
  • Development of the forecasting mechanism: forecast of turnover times, personal days for every employee in every branch for a selected time period
  • Implementation of analytical reports, including working time reports, working time forecasts, comparison of performance and forecast
  • User-friendly interface, integration into the web interface of the automated system of management reporting
  • Generation of notifications on overtime hours
  • Access control and authorization rules
  • Option to update/edit guides and handbooks required for calculations

The bank expects that after the implementation of the solution the level of effort (man-hours) of the employees working on analysis and forecast of the number of employees available for a certain time period will be decreased. Additionally, managers will be able to make informed decisions in the area of working time management, including decisions related to shift, vacation, and training schedules.

Tools and Technologies: SharePoint, .Net, C/C++, C#

Name: Automated System for Working Time Management
Tags: case study, project, enterprise, workflow, finance, banking, .Net, Sharepoint, automation

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