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Automated Banking System for Distributed Branches

Automated Banking System for Distributed Branches

The Customer – a large Russian bank requested Auriga to develop a scaled web-based application to manage operational activities of geographically distributed bank branches.

Solution features

  • Single point of access to large data volumes
  • Consolidation, aggregation, analysis and management of the bank branches daily operational activities
  • Revision history support
  • Relevant data reporting for State bank regulator
  • Multi-user support in real-time mode
  • Allows to analyze and forecast branches development
  • Flexible, highly customizable system allows to create additional tools and subsystems

Project features

  • Mix of waterfall (reduced life-cycle prj phases) + iteration models
  • Integration with third-party legal entities and proprietary ABS in-place
  • Dozens of business processes analyzed and automated
  • File exchange between units decreased several-fold
Tools and technologies:  ŸMS SQL Server, ŸIIS, ASP .NET MVC, ŸC#, MS Visual Studio, ŸMVC
Name: Automated Banking System for Distributed Branches
Tags: case study, project, workflow, enterprise, web, banking, finance, automation, .Net, SQL, database, storage

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