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Integrated Pharmacy automation system

Integrated Pharmacy automation system

Auriga was tasked  to develop an integrated pharmacy solution to increase the treatment quality via streamlined prescription management and drug dispensation, and the efficiency of the pharmacy operations by precise stocks planning    . 

The existing hospital information management system for patient management is primary focused to automate the document management operations for the health clinic to ease the work of healthcare professionals.

Legacy pharmacy information system was unsupported by vendor and hadn’t integration customization mechanisms

Auriga developed software for pharmacy goods flow management, integrated with the third party general warehousing system, hospital information system and medical professional’s workplaces.

Project features:

  • Maintaining the clinic’ patients DB to monitor drugs prescriptions history, track pricing policies, etc.
  • Automation of the document management operations to simplify the paperwork related to drugs prescription
  • Integrations with the third-party accounting system and warehousing system
  • Integration with the internal health clinic information system
  • Tracking drugs stocks, planning procurement process
  • Drugs lookup in reference databases and stocks warehouse system
  • Various reports generations, including those required by government regulations
  • Role-based user authorization to enforce security system
Tools and technologies: ASP .Net, XML, XSLT, VBA, AJAX, DHTML, SOAP, Web services, MS SQL Server
Name: Integrated Pharmacy automation system
Tags: case study, project, software development, healthcare, health information system, web, integration, .Net, SQL, database, DB, storage

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