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Music e-store web-service and web-site

Music e-store web-service and web-site

Auriga was tasked to develop a multi-tenant web service that hosts multiple independent customizable shops, music catalogs and price information for web/mobile clients. Each independent music shop uses a customized version of this application for its audience.
The goal of the project was to be able to retail music directly to the customer in the most friendly and easy-to-use form. One of the overarching design goals is the enable the 'spin up' of these stores to be easy, almost trivial and to have this implementation be as flexible as possible.
Auriga engineers were provided with the very first version of the product – interacting only with the local database, with one version of layout and one store support. The scope of work of Auriga included:
  • Web services development and support
  • Operations optimization to process user requests on-time
  • Most of the setup is in configuration files that are reread on the fly and are 'cascading', implying that default can be overriden by store and by locale
  • Custom internal testing framework that sends requests to the service and compare results with templates (smart comparison with syntax parsing)
  • ŸPerformance and usability optimization
  • ŸFinancial and marketing reports implementation
  • ŸDistribution of promotional messages
  • ŸImplementation of authentication procedures
  • ŸIntegration with PayPal payment platform
  • ŸGUI design with ŸUX driven development methodology
Product features:
  • ŸMulti-vendor storefront support, trivial launch of new stores
  • ŸRich branding options, multiple design styles, full-text search
  • ŸExtensive music content catalog with tracks and albumspurchase options
  • ŸAutomatic country identification for visitors and verificationof labels permissions for the country
  • Remote administration and maintenance (ie without restarting the application itself)

The solution has been successfully implemented and accepted by Auriga’s Customer. Further project evolution includes the development of a number of value-added web-services to make it more usable and attractive.

Tools & Technologies: Java, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, Full-text search: lucene, solr, JSON HyperSonic, Hibernate; Tomcat, Grails, Groovy, REST/JSON
Name: Music e-store web-service and web-site
Tags: case study, DDC, web, entertainment, streaming, cloud, Java, MySQL

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