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Music Discovery App

Music Discovery App

Auriga team participated in the development of music discovery service app for tablets. This segment of market was totally new for our customer so Auriga needed not only to develop the app from the scratch, but to provide excellent reliability and fast launch to the market. 
The solution provides information about artists, bands, discography; allows downloading and watching music videos; integrates with music store; searches for similar bands/artists and discovers musical influence; supports tagging and playlists; tracks history.
The project features the following highlights:
  • ŸUnique algorithm of data searching, referring and  output
  • ŸDownloading and watching music videos
  • ŸVarious types of data supported and displayed:
  • Music tracks, biography, discography, videos, images,
  • ŸMusic e-store integration, PayPal integration
  • ŸSearch of similar bands/artists or musical influence
  • ŸSupports tagging and playlists. Tracks history.
  • ŸUX driven development, usability testing
  • ŸReleased for Sprint, Virgin Canada and Telecom NZ users
 The application got a great deal of positive attention from the music industry and end-users and earned some great feedback:
  • “Great app for music lovers, works really well and easy to use on my Tab”
  • “The app works brilliantly to discover new music, who influenced who and to make buying music a much more fun experience.”
  • “… simple but well made. Presentations of artists and groups are brief but well documented (when filled). Everything is done to surf from one artist to another and / or watch more of these clips.”
This has been a very important project for our customer:

"With this <new> app, we’ve leveraged our history as a mobile music service provider, our extensive experience in creating market leading user interfaces, our long-standing relationships with major and independent labels and partnerships with semantic technology providers to offer consumers an innovative way to explore their favorite artists and discover new ones. It’s Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook, Coachella music festival and old school record store all rolled into one."

In August 2012 the developed solution was included in 10 Best Android Apps list in UK according to The Guardian review.

Name: Music Discovery App
Tags: case study, mobile, DDC, Android, streaming, entertainment, Java

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