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Automated Asset Risk Management System Enhancement

Automated Asset Risk Management System Enhancement

Our customer – a leading engineering company, that offers diagnostic instruments, services, and premier library of statistically significant test results for energy generation and delivery companies and industrial power users, – asked Auriga to significantly modify the in-house automated assets risk management system. The system aggregates and stores data from sensors placed on the power equipment – various parameters, test measurements, and asset health data. All the collected data are analyzed, compared with reference values in database (35+ mln. records, 80+ years of monitoring), and represented to the users.

Main areas of Auriga responsibility:Ÿ

  • GUI development

  • Ÿ Mathematical models for data analysis

  • Ÿ Proactive electric assets health monitoring algorithms development

  • Ÿ Visualization, datamarts, dashboards (asset status, risk assessment,
    wear-out rate, terms of replacement, etc.)

  • Ÿ Breakage, maintenance, replacement forecast methods design

  • Ÿ Providing failure-free and optimized performance for the system

Auriga team implemented sophisticated visualization instruments for the enhanced user experience: the detailed information about any specific equipment could be obtained in one click and supported by graphs, data charts and mapping with different color tagging of the current device status. Additionally, our engineers fixed defects associated with data output and implemented new features, e.g. the abilities to filter reports, exchange data between the components, and log records. 

The modified high-load reliable solution meets all security and Smart Grid industry standards. It offers real-time and offline data acquisition and analysis from 100 000+ devices, failure logging and integration with budgeting, assets management, replacement parts order systems. 

Tools and technologies: .Net MVC, Knockout.js, MsSQL


Name: Automated Asset Risk Management System Enhancement
Tags: case study, .Net, IoT, DB, database, data analysis, asset management, visualization, Big Data

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