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Web-portal for Remote Controllers Management

Web-portal for Remote Controllers Management

Auriga customer, - a manufacturer of diagnostic equipment and software for energy industry, - has tasked our team to develop a new version of the web-based portal to manage wireless controllers (tablet devices) aimed at electrical field testing. The controller device is designed to automatically work with the customer’s software products, provides enhanced user administration and management functionality, and grants the owner to operate both – the software and test equipment, - at one access point. 

Auriga engineers had to refactor the legacy code and create a new solution based on .Net and AngularJS technology stack. The modified client-server portal architecture and refined ETL process now allow field personnel and their employers to aggregate, process and store data from the remote testing devices much faster. The following functionality was developed and implemented: 

  • Collection, analysis, and storage data about firmware version

  • Ÿ Automated one-click updates for all/chosen devices

  • Ÿ Devices geolocation in case of loss/theft

  • Ÿ Alerts sent if unauthorized SW or malware is installed

  • Ÿ Alert sent if exposed to vulnerability: user access changed, new users created, etc.

Besides, our team developed and deployed customized reporting for users and enriched the solution with wide visualization features like datamarts, dashboards, line charts, etc.


Tools and technologies: .Net MVC, AngularJS, bootstrap, MySQL (ETL), Powershell, Windows 8

Name: Web-portal for Remote Controllers Management
Tags: case study, .Net, SQL, web, portal, refactoring, enterprise, visualization, Big Data

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