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Dashboards for Logistics Calculation Core System

Dashboards for Logistics Calculation Core System

Our Client, an international express delivery service, asked Auriga to develop a set of visualization tools for their parcel shipment core calculation system to enrich user’s experience and provide them with a useful visual instrument for fast, precise and effective decision making.

Auriga team created a visualization solution that used dashboards and data marts to display the following data:

  • Load dispatch line charts for any historical period

  • Detailed order information

  • Client breakdown with ID or location filtering

  • Map with color highlights for the parcels volume and routes load

  • Delivery destinations breakdown with multiple filtering options

  • Tag clouds for popular destinations

The solution allows acquiring, storing and analyzing large volumes of data – it can do over 600K calculations a day and process approximately 18 GB of data daily. Data archiving and upload for further use are also available.

Moreover, Auriga’s engineers added localization of Kibana interface for end users and implemented notifications and alerts mailing service integration.

Tools and Technologies: Java, ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL, Kibana

Name: Dashboards for Logistics Calculation Core System
Tags: case study, enterprise, logistics, visualization, Big Data, Java, data analysis, web

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