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Time and Attendance Notification System

Time and Attendance Notification System


Auriga enhanced the card access security system in place with employees attendance monitoring solution.

Project Features

Clock-in and out with one click
Tracking and transmitting GPS coordinates of the device
Sending notification to manager in case coordinates don’t comply with office coordinates or the device is down
Settable notification format: sms, push- or e-mail
Gathering stats on device migration in the office
No need for additional HW (clocks, bioscanning devices, etc.)
Potential integration with third-party solutions:
Employee schedule to track field personnel location, appointments, day-off
KPI management tools to monitor tasks and efforts
Reporting systems for time-sheets summaries, overtimes, attendance, etc.


Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, С, Python, MQTT
Name: Time and Attendance Notification System
Tags: case study, IoT, MQTT

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