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GSM monitoring solution

GSM monitoring solution

Auriga was tasked to develop an application gathering information about the coverage area of the GSM cellular network and TCP packet transmission from a moving car using Edge/GPRS protocol. The idea was to track the network (TCP packages) and GPS signal along the car journey, thus making the application useful for telecom and mobile operators as well as for further deployment on public transportation.

Auriga engineers developed a solution based on a three-tier architecture (i.e., server, database, and web-based interface) with the following functionality:

  • Gathering statistics: information about the quality of the TCP packets transferred from the vehicle, GSM signal intensity, geo-positioning 
  • Transferring analytics using TCP packages: total number of packets sent, packages lost, response time, etc.
  • Importing data into the database on each mobile object/vehicle
  • Tracking history on each mobile object
  • Using the GPS coordinates of the mobile object
  • Integrating with maps, routes, and additional information output to GUI
  • Obtaining TCP/GSM coverage maps on selected routes

This implemented web application produced the TCP/GSM coverage map along the trip from one state to another. The demonstration allowed for the dramatic improvement of the solution. 

Tools and Technologies: Linux, MySQL, PHP, Amazon Server, TCP dump, Google Maps

Name: GSM monitoring solution
Tags: mobile, automotive, network, LBS, GPS, UI, web, Agile, maps, DDC, Linux, MySQL, case study, database, cloud

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