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Diagnostics system for auto dealerships

Diagnostics system for auto dealerships

The idea of the application is to help a technician to perform diagnostics using predefined documents on the diagnostic steps. It is intended to store various reports from the field. UI provides the functionality to obtain all stored information in a user-friendly form or download it as a CSV file for selected VINs.

 This new generation of diagnostic tools relies on wireless interfaces for collecting diagnostic data. A compact, cable-free wireless device is attached to the vehicle's diagnostic socket. It is used to collect and securely send vehicle data to a cloud-based storage service. Tablet devices, like the Apple iPad or an Android-based tablet, or web browsers can then be used to securely access collected data and send commands to the inspected vehicle. Tablet applications also combine diagnostic data with relevant reference information from service databases to support data interpretation and decision-making.

Main features of the application: 

  • Wireless data collection from in-car pods
  • Cloud storage and reference databases
  • Diagnostics process control and results display on a tablet device
  • Multiple tablet & smartphone platform support
  • Easily extendable and safe server architecture

Tools and Technologies: Linux; JavaScript; Android and iPhone UI embedded; C/C++; J2EE, Jetty web server; nginx; PostgreSQL; Comet push

The approach being implemented in this project significantly improves the ease of access and quality of information available to the vehicle diagnostic teams. Auriga has been assigned to the project because of the short ramp-up time, high predictability, and quality of results demonstrated on previous projects.

Name: Diagnostics system for auto dealerships
Tags: mobile, case study, automotive, database, embedded, network, UI, web, Agile, DDC, Java, Linux, cloud

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