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Track/Drivability Mobile App

Track/Drivability Mobile App

The task was to create a track application for car owners who love racing and want to tune their cars to be unbeatable on the tracks. The application was intended to help them to better understand how to tune their cars to improve their performance on the track. It also targeted technicians who wanted to repair a car with an unstable problem or with a problem that is reproduced only in a running car.

Auriga developed a set of mobile applications that provide an enhanced experience for car owners. These applications range from the simple (e.g., allowing owners to update the type of tires installed to get correct speedometer/odometer readings) to the more complex (e.g., allowing drivers to get additional information during track racing: auto track detection, current track position, real-time technical information, average/best times, etc.).

This set of projects also included the following:

  • updating the embedded software on the in-car CAN module to provide access to the required information for authorized mobile devices
  • creating web services for accessing the accumulated information (e.g. tracks run, best/average track times for the track application mentioned above) to replay and compare collected results and keep track of personal records

In these mobile applications projects, our customer benefited from the wide range of Auriga skills that can be combined in a single project team. The projects involved software development at different levels and in different environments and required such skills as embedded software development, the development of mobile apps for different platforms, CAN protocol knowledge, low-level Internet protocol/security/tunneling expertise, and web services development.

Tools and Technologies: Android; Android Native API; Java; Linux; Flex; CAN; Glassfish, MySQL

Name: Track/Drivability Mobile App
Tags: mobile, case study, embedded, LBS, network, UI, Agile, DDC, Android, CAN, Java, Linux, Flex, automotive

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