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Testing Framework for Complex Medical Software Products

Testing Framework for Complex Medical Software Products

Development and implementation of a complex testing framework for sophisticated critical care products for the worldwide leader in medical device manufacturing

The key features of the project include:

  • 100% coverage of functional test cases
  • 100% coverage of regression automated tests scripts
  • The integration framework with automated testing tools protocols
  • Definition of the test specifications and manual test implementation
  • Design and implementation of complex automated testing frameworks based on Rational Robot and CppUnit unit testing library
  • Design and implementation of several debugging and inspecting tools
  • Implementation of Unit tests in accordance with high-level component requirements
  • Integration of resulted products into Customers components environment

Tools and technologies: С++; XML; MVS 2003; CppUnit; Rational Robot; Team city; SCRUM Works

You can download full version case-study via link

Name: Testing Framework for Complex Medical Software Products
Tags: case study, medical devices, healthcare, OEM, testing, test automation, Agile, DDC

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