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Central Patient Data Monitor for Large Hospital-Scale Network

Central Patient Data Monitor for Large Hospital-Scale Network

Auriga performed the complex porting of a central patient data workstation, integrated with life-supporting medical equipment, for a medical hospital-scale network from AIX/PowerPC to Linux/x86.

The core product was designed to provide real-time centralized management of patients by displaying comprehensive patient data (real-time vital signs and hemodynamics, respiratory and ventilator data, and laboratory values, etc.) for both telemetry and bed-ridden patients at one single point.

Auriga received the original code and performed porting as well as full-cycle integration testing. As the result, a newly ported product with limited functionality was built. While proceeding with porting- and testing-related tasks, Auriga’s engineers discovered a considerable amount of non-portable code as well as some system and compiler bugs, reported them to the Customer and fixed. Among other tasks, successfully completed within this project, Auriga developed and integrated sound features (alarms, etc.) for the Linux version, simultaneous support of 2 monitors, as well as watchdog support, a critical insurer against software faults and hang-ups.

Tools and technologies: Mandrake Linux; C++, GCC; MOTIF; Valgrind

 You can download full version case-study via link 

Name: Central Patient Data Monitor for Large Hospital-Scale Network
Tags: case study, medical devices, porting, Linux, healthcare, OEM, embedded, DDC, interoperability

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