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Support for new languages for medical patient monitoring devices

Support for new languages for medical patient monitoring devices

Auriga was tasked to provide support to several languages for two flagship monitoring solutions.

Product #1 language support included: Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, Portuguese, Chinese;
product #2 - Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Japanese, Russian, Greek, Hungarian, Chinese and Swedish. Auriga team was involved in the following acivities:

  • Update some of the components (namely, keypad controller and font manager) of a patient monitoring device running Windows XP operating system to support new languages
  • Add localized string resources and test behavior of two patient monitoring products for the new languages.
  • Update a communication DLL implementing proprietary patient data exchange protocol to support SetLanguage command for transferring data in various languages. The basic set of languages - English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch - was supported.

It must be noted that Auriga doesn’t have language expertise, so translations were made by language professionals on client side. Auriga updated the resource files and verified that the correct symbols (according to provided patterns) are correctly displayed on all dialogues and screens of the applications, labels don’t overlap, all symbols are visible, and multi-language input is correctly recognized.

Based on the test results, the client internal development team has updated the software to fix the problems. Feedback of the client project manager for the test results is provided below: 

“You guys did an excellent job with the language tests. We're making some fixes based on the test results.”

Name: Support for new languages for medical patient monitoring devices
Tags: case study, medical devices, healthcare, DDC, system-level

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