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Patient Monitor Testing

Patient Monitor Testing

The Auriga team was taking part in the feature and unit testing of software for a new customer monitor based on Kontron ETXexpress MC platform. The product itself posess the following functionality:

  • extended monitoring functions (up to 24 waveforms in real-time mode)
  • remote access to critical patient data (EMR, PACS, HIS/CIS, pharmacology) at the bedside
  • VPS Module for continuous and persistent medical records

Auriga engineers performed full range of unit testing:

  • 100% code coverage with unit test scripts developed in C and C#
  • Manual unit tests to assure UI conformance to SRS and graphics design
  • Component performance is checked as well as the code correctness.
  • Significant improvement of the source code
  • Allowed for a smoother FDA certification of the product
  • 400.000+ lines of code covered

The units covered within the project include database related units, units related to electronic health records and historical data analysis (full disclosure / event disclosure). While assuring full code coverage, the Auriga team was working on test design, writing stubs, testing of C#, C++ and mixed C++/C# units.

The feature tests were updated and executed for next areas :

  • Historical patient data collection
  • Reports generation
  • User interface
  • Demonstration mode.
  • System configuration

In total more than 30000 test steps were executed during 3 months.

The results of this project have already helped to achieve significant improvement in the source code and will allow for smoother FDA certification of the product. 

Tools and technologies: Paragon testing tools; C#,C++,C

Name: Patient Monitor Testing
Tags: case study, medical devices, healthcare, DDC, testing

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